Intelligent Email Marketing

December 8, 2010


In Email Marketing, One Size Really Doesn't Fit All

Email marketing is becoming increasingly challenging. We’re all receiving too much email, bacn (unsolicited but not entirely unwelcome mail) and bad old spam. As a result,  spam filters are re-tuned and email providers are moving towards preference based email management.

Here are some thoughts on improving your success rate and staying ahead of the curve.

  1. Design and Copywriting. Ok, this will probably surprise you. Keep it to plain text. 38% of recipients read emails using a mobile device and not all of these can read HTML. Do you want to lose this many of your targets? Entice and engage with the headline and provide links to more graphical content.
  2. Browser Testing. Ensure that your email is fully tested across all browsers.
  3. Relevancy. Seek relevancy in your communications. Subscribers will be most interested in your services at the point that they subscribe, so keep your relationship going from there.
  4. Test Frequency by dividing your contacts into groups and sending different numbers of emails.
  5. Personalise. Drop the ‘one size fits all’ model and respond to areas of interest shown by patterns of response to your emails. Companies that hook onto patterns of interest such as Travelocity have seen a significant increase in their conversion rates.
  6. Use a Good CRM which will enable an automated response to patterns of consumer behaviour, or at the very least, the ability to keep track of all this data. Check out Strongmail’s CRM offerings.

For further thoughts on e-mail marketing, check out my previous post, Eight Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing. Apologies for not linking to the companies and posts mentioned above. There seems to be a problem with WordPress but I’ll resolve this as soon as I can.

8 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns

October 8, 2010


Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns or Disappear


Clients have expressed considerable concern at the challenges of delivering effective mail marketing campaigns in the current market. Yes, it’s a challenge. When I first started working on email marketing campaigns, so few people used them that a well put together campaign would achieve phenomenal results. Nowdays, most of us receive a lot of spam (or ‘bacn’ – legitimate but unrequested emails) and the ISPs are also working to filter email on our behalf. Google’s Priority Inbox is a good example of this, an optional feature that allows users to authorise Google to filter their messages by certain criteria.

Yet there is still a lot of very effective email marketing, and I thought I would share some effective tips to keep you in the inner circle.

Tips for Improving your Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Maintain a good list. This does not just mean a list of current addresses, but as much information as you can gather on who people are, why they might possibly buy your products, and their stage in the buying cycle.

2. Use email marketing software that gives you as much information as possible on who has opened and read your email, whether they have clicked through to your website, and then their route once they have landed on your website.

3. Ensure that for every email marketing campaign, you use a good landing page that is optimised for that campaign. Research has shown that customers feel much happier if they arrive at a website landing page with the same message as the email that led them there. Do not just route to the contact page.

4. Match your email campaigns to the current status of the target. Have they just signed up to your email list? Are they an existing customer? Map the behaviour of the target to your message – do they click through to read more? Have they ever requested more information? What is the potential timeline for a purchase? Where is the target in the buying cycle? Map all of this in your CRM system before you create any individual campaigns.

5. Use good copy. Employ the services of a professional copywriter if you can. I would recommend Laurence Blume at Freelance Copywriter.

6. Make sure that the design of your template looks and feels the business and that any images you use say exactly what you are saying in your copy, not just something close.

7. Test your email fully across all browsers and platforms.

8. Measure your results and follow up any hot leads in a timely manner.

I hope that the above suggestions to improve your email marketing campaigns have been useful. If you have additional suggestions, I’d love to to hear from you. There is plenty more to say on this topic, so expect further posts too.