The Importance of SEO

SEO Helps Users Find Businesses

SEO Helps Users Find Products and Services

To those in the marketing and digital community, the following article might seem too obvious to write. However, as marketers, we’re guilty of assuming that everyone has their head in the digital marketing space on a day to day basis. For some very successful companies in a variety of fields, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to use its full name, is a new and relatively unknown field.

Put simply, if you have a website, it is now the shop window for your business. No other single piece of marketing communication is as effective or important. So would you rather your website is in the digital equivalent of Park Lane or Little Common Lane? At the top of an imaginary pile of papers on someone’s desk or somewhere near the bottom? What if a new company, that doesn’t know how to serve customers or deliver product as effectively as you is at the top of the search engine rankings, while you are languishing somewhere on page 25? It’s time to set the record straight. It’s time for search engine optimisation.

SEO encompasses a number of different techniques to help you reach the top of the search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines. The most important of these techniques is to help search engines recognise the importance of your website to someone searching for a specific keyword. This is achieved by adding the right keywords in the right frequency to your website. Too little mentions and the search engine will judge your site as irrelevant. Too many references to keywords and search engines are likely to delist your site. Achieving the right balance of keywords is critical to reaching the right ‘page rank’, or positioning within the search engines.

Second, a site is judged by its popularity amongst other websites. If your site contains a lot of links from respected websites, it will be judged to be popular and this will help its search engine rankings. Linkbuilding should be the second keystone in your SEO strategy.

Finally, the actual design of your site can seriously influence its success with website visitors. A great deal of research has been conducted into improving results by changing the use of colour, copy, offers, images and content. SEO also involves experimenting with the design of your site to help retain and convert visitors.

This is only a very short summary of the reasons that SEO is so important to websites. There are of course many other strategies which make even more impact. However, for those who have never seriously considered SEO, I would strongly urge a full SEO audit of their site compared to competing websites. Make sure that your business gets the recognition it deserves  – it’s a crowded marketplace and SEO helps you stand out.

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